PRIMOR - Your One Stop App

PRIMOR brings together doctors, parents, care givers and Administrators on a single platform.

  • Go Green, Go Paperless, Save a Tree - Digital data, your medical footprint on mobile
  • Health Grid – A comprehensive member's health chart with vitals, immunization and referral history
  • Technologically Compatible - aarush application is a hybrid platform
  • Offline – Modify data offline and auto-sync the data to cloud when available
  • Patient Care – Determining what matters to patients to cure them
  • Wellness Care – Responsibility to take care to attain optimum health
  • Patient Experience – Putting patient first to ensure the consistent delivery of patient-centered care
  • IOT Integrated – Integrated devices to app makes life easy and efficient with remote monitoring of patient’s health statistics


The Disease Catalogue

An all-inclusive medical classification list related to health conditions among members

    Defects at Birth

  •  Down Syndrome
  •  Congenital Cataract
  •  Cleft lip & Palate
  •  Developmental dysplasia of the hip
  •  Club Foot
  •  Neural tube defect
  •  Congenital heart diseases


  •  SAM
  •  Severe Anaemia
  •  Vitamin A Deficiency (Bitot spot)
  •  Vitamin D Deficiency, (Rickets)


  •  Convulsive disorder
  •  Otitis Media
  •  Dental Conditions
  •  Skin Conditions
  •  Reactive Airway Disease

    Developmental delays

  •  Neuro Motor Impairment
  •  Motor Delay
  •  Hearing Impairment
  •  Learning Disorder
  •  Vision Impairment
  •  Language delay
  •  Cognitive delay
  •  Behaviour disorder
  •  Convulsive disorder

    Adolescent Specific

  •  Growing up concerns
  •  Substance abuse
  •  Depression
  •  Delay in menstruation cycles
  •  Irregular periods
  •  Experience any pain or burning sensation while urinating
  •  Discharge / foul smelling discharge from the genitourinary area
  •  Pain during menstruation


About Us

PRIMOR is a leader in providing software services, fostering and deploying teams having global competence in terms of technology, skills and delivery. Our teams of engineers & architects understand the challenges our customers face and help broaden boundaries by providing insight, support and expertise to our clients.